Unix (Linux and Solaris) Security

Public Documents

Introduction (pdf, ps, dvi) This document is intended to:
  1. offer an introduction to security, mainly for Unix-like machines;
  2. outline, for system administrators, "recipes" where
More information can be found in Unix Security --- A Survey, below.
Old: Survey No longer maintained.
Diagnostics/Forensics lsof, fuser, NIDS...
Kernel-related... contains more stuff, including kstat, /dev/kmem, /proc/ksysms...

Downloadable Stuff --- Mirrored Software (Solaris binaries only)

Solaris 7:
IP Filter gzipped binaries: N.B. There are two issues of note with installation of this package, as described by Jim Sandoz. First, the pkg file contains two modules: ipf and ipfx: you must install ipfx first. Secondly, this package is suitable for Solaris 8 running in 64-bit (kernel) mode only, not 32-bit mode. Use isainfo -v to determine which mode your kernel is running in.

My Software

Tomato RPM Update Utility.
HTTP Proxy. Web Server Proxy --- to protect a server.

Private Documents

Hardening a Solaris 8 box. Like it says.
Really hardening a Solaris 9 box. Like it says.

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