C Compilers on Unix

Information Systems Department

This document describes the C compilers supported by ISD at UMIST on supported Unix platforms --- Solaris and Linux. Some information on using the make utility is also included.

There are two groups of compilers supported and available: the Workshop Compilers from Sun and those offered by the Free Software Foundation --- the Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC).

N.B. A separate document describes the GCC further: download, installation and usage on both Unix and MS Windows.

Finally, some notes on C compilers for Silicon Graphics machines running Irix is included (in particular, those running old versions of the operating system).

Document History

  1. First draught: 2001 June 28, Simon Hood.


While ISD has taken great care in the preparation of this document, it assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for problems resulting from the use of the information contained therein.


Copyright © 2001, Information Systems Department, UMIST, Manchester, England.


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