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Idiotic sentences:
  Auberon Waugh: 'I thought I understood the English language well enough, 
  but just what the fucking, sodding, shitting hell is this idiotic sentence 
  trying to tell us?'
  Success depends on great minds not thinking alike.
Hangover, Nina Cassian
  Hang over
  a cliff.
  The precipice kindly invites you to join the party.
  You're already drunk with fear
  --- so let go!

  Your temples sweat liquor;
  death's alcohol softens your lips.

  Don't worry about tomorrow's hangover.
  You won't wake up.
Pig, Jo Shapcott
  You think of me 
  as clean and tasty,
  don't want to know
  about the mud, the tail,
  the terrible trotters

  don't want to know
  about the neat little hats
  in my wardrobe, the orchid
  collection and the lengths and lengths
  of breaststroke, the days and nights
  in the Railtrack buffet
  and the mad rapture for molluscs.
  because you've got new boots,
  because that last big heist didn't quite go to plan,
  because you accidently unleashed the hordes of darkness,
  because you want to know exactly how loud you can sing,
  because you can see for miles up there,
  because the hound of the baskervilles is on your tail,
  because your middle name is trouble,
  because you'll be damned if they catch you again,
  because you're convinced you could fight a bear and win but you have to find one first,
  because fresh air is good for broken hearts, so you've been told,
  because you've forgotten why you ever came down in the first place