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Nortel Switch Console Access

To access a CISCO switch, take the CISCO-supplied cable, plug the ethernet-like connection into the switch and the other end, with ethernet-to-9-pin-serial converter, into your laptop and use 9600/8/1/N/None. Bob is your uncle.

To access a Netgear switch, take the CISCO-supplied cable, add a second ethernet-to-9-pin-converter to the other end; plug into switch and laptop, 9600/8/1/N/None, and it's Bob again.

To access a Nortel switch, take the CISCO-supplied cable and tear your hair out! They wire the pins the other way. Expletive. Take TWO of your CISCO cables, join them with a double-female ethernet widget, attach the ethernet-to-9-pin-serial converters to the ends of your newly double-length cable, and off you go.