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Non-Working Qsub Scripts and DOS Line-Endings

The Problem

We have an apparently good (SGE) qsub script

    #$ -cwd
    #$ -e job_errors
    #$ -o matlab_output
    #$ -q serial.q

    /software/man2/matlab/bin/matlab < Test.m
which will not run the MatLab job requested, indeed, won't run at all.

The Diagnostic

In desperation try running the qsub script at the command-line

    prompt> ./Test.sh
    : bad interpreter: No such file or directory
and yet /bin/sh certainly exists (it is a link to /bin/bash).

Dark experiences from over the years slowly awaken from the subconcious and suggest the possibility of "invisible" characters in the script.

Seeing Those "Invisible" Charaters (DOS Line-Endings)

Start GNU Emacs and inhibit line-ending conversion (which is automatic by default in Emacs — and in VI for that matter):

    ESC-x set-variable
        # ...set the GNU Emacs variable inhibit-eol-conversion to a non-nil
        #    value, in this case ihatewindowz...
and then open Test.sh — the "^M" characters appear at the end of each line.