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HTC Orange Portable Wifi Hotspot

Switching on Portable Wifi Hotspot on my HTC Desire on Orange Does Not Work. . .  


Odd, but true — to be found in several places by Googling:

Luckily the solution is easy, but don’t be surprised if you have to repeat the following steps after each Orange update – annoyingly it does occasionally reset to the default settings. This should get you up and running though…(in theory!)…

1. On the home screen click Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names

2. You should see the following three options:

Orange Internet
Consumer Broadband
Orange MMS

Select Consumer Broadband

3. Change the following settings, taking care to make sure that you copy these details exactly (including capital or lowercase lettering)…

APN from consumerbroadband to orangeinternet

Username from <Not set> to Orange

Password from <Not set> to Multimedia

Authentication type should be set to CHAP.

4. Press your Menu button, tap “Save”

Now in theory, you should be able to create a hotspot and connect to the internet. Hope that helps someone!