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Custom DSDT in Kernel. . .  



The Packard-Bell Dot-M/A (aka Gateway LT3103) is a fine 11.6 inch netbook. But, for reasons on which I can only speculate, the DSDT (Differentiated System Description Table) provided by the BIOS does not include the P-states (performance states) for the Athlon L110 CPU. So AMD's PowerNow! CPU-scaling wizardry does not work with out-of-the-box Ubuntu (or other distro, I suspect). The solution: add a "proper" DSDT to the kernel.

Fixed Kernels for Karmic

AutoStatic kindly provides fixed kernels for Karmic:

But what about Lucid? And new kernels when they come out?

Adding a Custom DSDT into a Kernel

The process is described:


Getting the DSDT

The required DSDT can be downloaded from Autostatic's Web site.


Building the New Kernel

The standard kernel compilation procedure for Ubuntu and Debian is described in the Official Ubuntu Documentation:

  1. I used the Debian procedure rather than that for Ubuntu.
  2. Use the .config from the Lucid distro kernel, so only DSDT-related config changes required.
  3. After make menuconfig, added the DSDT downloaded from AutoStatic by following the Gentoo Wiki instructions mentioned above.
  4. After installing the .deb packages for the kernel produced,
    which is only half-mentioned in the Official Ubuntu Documentation, to build the initrd.
  5. Then fixed-up the /boot/grub/grub.cfg with required references to said initrd.
Worked like a charm!


Download The Kernel Packages