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Apple's Time Machine Backup Software Versus rsync and cp -al

Apparently Time Machine is the bee's knees. AFAIKS it takes snapshots using HFS's equivalent to ext2/3's hard links — woo-hoo!

A cron job with your customised version of this


  # -- the date/time in format: yyyy_mm_dd_hh:mm:ss
  DATE=`date +%Y_%m_%d_%H\:%M\:%S`

  # -- rsync from sekhmet (pushing from sekhmet does not work well --- timeouts
  #    with big files) :
  rsync -av -e ssh --delete-after simonh@sekhmet.umist.ac.uk: /home/simonh/__rsync_sekhmet

  # -- make daily snapshot using hard links :
  cp -al /home/simonh/__rsync_sekhmet /home/simonh/__rsync_sekhmet_snaps/$DATE
will do the same thing. Stick a graphical file-browser on the front and you have the same thing.