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A brief introduction ISD offers full support for Solaris and partial support for Linux. We offer a loose cluster of Solaris machines, Universe (Cosmos and Eric), for general use.
Universe (Cosmos and Eric) Universe is a loose Solaris cluster consisting of Cosmos and Eric It is available for general use, teaching and running CPU- and memory-intensive jobs.
Universe as a Gateway Universe can be used as a gateway to enable secure access to other machines on campus by asking the SSH daemon on Cosmos to forward traffic from outside UMIST (to port 22 on a such a machine).
Help with Unix There are many Web sites offering tutorials and reference material related to Unix in general and Solaris and Linux in particular.
Unix Security ISD is establishing a proactive role in computer security at UMIST. Some documents available relating to Unix security now available. We would appreciate feedback on these as they are continually updated.

In addition, we are mirroring the source-code for several security utilities and offering the binaries, where possible, for Linux and Solaris.
Linux The ISD Linux Web pages.
Solaris The ISD Solaris Web pages.
Cygwin/XFree86 Cygwin is a collection of free software, which together with XFree86, offers common Unix tools and a Unix-like (X11) desktop on a Windoze machine.

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