A Simple Perl HTTP-Server Proxy

Works only with Keepalive set to Off.

What is it?

A simple HTTP proxy designed to offer some protection to a server. A request is checked over and if it passes scrutiny passed on to the server; if it fails the IP address from which it came is blocked by calling IP Tables.


Its easy to modify, simple and portable --- its written in Perl. Of course it's not fast enough for a busy site.


Code as of 2003 August 18: src



  service httpproxy
          socket_type             = stream
          wait                    = no
          user                    = root
          server                  = /usr/local/sbin/httpproxy
          log_on_success  += HOST 
          log_on_failure  += HOST
          disable                 = no

cat /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf | grep -i listen:

  Listen 8999

cat /etc/services | grep httpproxy:

  httpproxy       80/tcp          www www-http    # WorldWideWeb HTTP
  httpproxy       80/udp          www www-http    # HyperText Transfer Protocol

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