Cosmo and Eric

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User documentation:

Stuff for the ISD web site (for Andrea to play with).
Applications and Stuff

More user-oriented documentation, but this time a summary of available applications on Universe/Cosmos/Eric and other stuff, e.g., batch systems.
Scripts Etc:

Scripts written to do useful stuff on multi-user boxes.
Admin Objects:

A development of N.B.'s scripts which facilitate account creation and management on Cosmos (these are still to be found in /usr/userreg). With a change of authentication from NIS to LDAP these needed updating. I took the opportunity to re-write the scripts an OO collection of modules --- these should be more easily maintable and extendable, and are two be found in /usr/userreg_AO --- accessible via /usr/local/bin/admin_objects.
Gnome 1.4:

The Gnome environment (v1.4) is available on Cosmos (though not on Eric). Since binaries are unavailable for Solaris 7, the whole bloody thing was compiled up from source (after first setting up a decent development environment, i.e., getting the GNU versions of all the (crap) Solaris utils like make...).
System Monitoring:

Both machines are monitored by both SNMP and SyMon. The former talks to (Gresh's Nagios); the latter is yet another bunch of Perl stuff from me.
Printing System:

There is a custom-built (perl-script-based) printing system on Cosmos: when provided with a machine-independent Postscript file this is processed to adjust for paper size, double-sided, etc., and send to the appropriate Novell print-queue.

Secure Shell: The SSH Comms Inc Secure Shell Daemon (SSHD) is running on both machines; telnet and FTP are blocked and both must be accessed via SSH/SCP/SFTP.

Finally settled on sshd from SSH Comms Inc; played with OpenSSH/SSL first --- problems: see Security Journal. (Also /dev/random and "PRNG is not seeded" problems on The Simpsons: see Security Journal).

Remote Logging: All syslog logs are copied to Wotan via an entry in /etc/syslog.conf:
        # gresh's log server :
        *.info                                          @
Project Universe:

The project to open up Eric to the masses, change to LDAP-based authentication on both machines and share disks/home-directories. And more!
Logging on Cosmos:

To satisfy the requirements of the Data Protection Act the default logging configuration on Cosmos has been changed.

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